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Hello, we are Wairify.

Wairify is an agile tech startup that provides a sustainable solution for a mobile air purifier and is meeting a rapidly growing market. Help us establish our disruptive technology in both B2B and consumer markets. Join us in the development of more digital and analog services that relate to clean air. Have a part in laying the foundation for an open, diverse and transparent corporate culture and become part of a motivated and professional team.

Family-owned SME x startup

Family-owned SME x startup

Wairify was founded by the WocoGroup. Woco is a globally active group of companies in the automotive industry based in Bad Soden-Salmünster in the Main-Kinzig district in Hesse. With Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG as a strategic investor, Wairify has a strong partner in product development and global marketing.

Wairify combines the long-standing technical expertise and quality standards of a hidden champion of the German SME sector and the development expertise of a global market leader with the agility and disruptiveness of a start-up. You will find all this in a great development lab and office in the center of Berlin.

Innovation from the automotive industry

The "Wairify technology" was originally developed for the automotive industry. There, it is exposed to extreme ambient conditions and has to remove large quantities of particles from engine air quickly and without leaving residues. The pandemic spurred the innovative spirit of our engineers to further develop the technology not only for air purification but also for virus inactivation. Wairify was founded to advance the technology and services and to optimize them with partners from research, production and in user circles.it Partnern aus Forschung, Produktion und in Anwenderkreisen zu optimieren.

Innovation from the automotive industry

Be a part of an interdisciplinary team

Your benefits working with us:

Hybrid working

Flexible working hours and remote working are a matter of course. While our office is a place of open and interdisciplinary exchange, digital collaboration is an integral part of our culture through the cooperation of different locations and partners.


It doesn't get more central than this. An office in the middle of Berlin ensures good connections, short distances and a great culinary offer for the lunch break. In addition, the infrastructure of our partners can be used, which meets the most modern industry standards.

People & Culture

We work hand in hand across the disciplines Business Operation, Marketing and Development. We think in new ways, so the idea counts more than the title. Team orientation and family-friendliness are in harmony at our company.

Development Opportunities

Regardless of your previous experience, you have the chance to drive change with us, grow with us, and launch a product that will revolutionize the industry.

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