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Development at Wairify:

At Wairify you have the chance to establish an innovative patented technology. You will work in agile structures of a startup with a development lab in the heart of Berlin and have access to the most modern development infrastructure of a renowned partner network.

Employee reports
Jonas Bansemer

“I was warmly welcomed by all sides of the team and quickly integrated. I enjoy the open communication culture and the common striving for further development. The fruit basket in the office, which is always full, is an example of the positive atmosphere.”

Sabrine Hammouda

„I am Hardware engineer with a background in Industrial electronics engineering. I have 4 years of experience and I was hired to improve our current product related to electronics and to have the next version of Wairify with state of the art components. I chose Wairify because of the concept that became indispensable in our lives lately, and I truly believe that we can put an innovative product into the market. I knew there will be lots of studies and research to be done and that is what I actually saw in the last few days. Although I am still in my first week but I can see how exciting it is to work on Wairify new concept.“


30 vacation days

A motivated team with an open corporate culture

Exciting tasks with a focus on innovation

Laboratory in the heart of Berlin and renowned partner network

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